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Featured product: Octa-Quad Bale Handling System

Silver Award Winner at the Royal Highland Technical Innovation Awards 2015

The Murray Octa-Quad Bale Handling System will transport twelve big round bales or six full sized big square bales fully mounted on any large tractor, and is designed to clear fields of big round bales and or big square bales very quickly.

The system consists of a rear tractor mounted multi bale spike and a front tractor mounted multi bale spike, capable of up lifting twelve big round bales or six big square bales in one operation.

The rear multi bale spike transporter fits on to the rear linkage of any large tractor and can uplift eight round bales in two tiers, four round bales on the upper frame and four round bales on the lower frame, both the upper and lower frames consist of two folding ‘wings’ hinged left and right to a central frame, and are activated by hydraulic cylinders. Once the four bales have been spiked onto the upper and lower frames, the wings can then be folded up from the horizontal position to a vertical position, therefore changing the bale width from four wide to two wide.

The front multi bale spike transporter fits onto the front of any large tractor fitted with a front linkage. The front transporter works in the same way as the rear transporter, but uplifts two round bales on the upper frame first, and then two round bales on the lower frame, when the bales are loaded onto the lower frame, the upper frame can be lowered so that the upper bales are now in front of the lower bales for driver visibility

When uplifting big square bales, the Octa-Quad system will uplift four big square bales and fold them up from the horizontal position to a vertical position on the rear transporter, and one big square bale on the upper frame and one big square bale on the lower frame on the front transporter.

Please see our YouTube channel to see our Murray Machinery Octa-Quad in action.


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Established in 1979, Murray Machinery Ltd operates from within Aberdeenshire in Scotland, manufacturing material handling attachments to fit telescopic handlers, forklifts and tractor loaders for the UK agricultural sector. For the past 40 years, we have been supplying dealers throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

With an extensive product range of over 30 machines with numerous variations, Murray Machinery take pride in the quality and presentation of products and with the help of the latest CAD design and CNC machine tools, reliability and durability are also at the forefront.

Feedback from our customers is extremely valuable in the evolvement of our products to keep up with the ever changing methods and techniques used in the agricultural industry and it also goes towards creating new and better products for the future.



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